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happy new year!
Happy new year !!!!

mamma mia! we are now in 2007! I can't believe how fast time flies! I haven't written anything in last 6months! It doesn't mean I forgot about the blog, I have been very lazy( ;_; ).

We had fun in this holidays. First of all my sisiter Chie was here in Italy with us for the christmas. Now she's already back in Japan but we were super happy to have her here and so she was.
Ryuki is now almost 14 months. He started walking just before his bithday(November 7th) Now he walks to everywhere!
Last year he was just 1 month old baby. All he did was drinking milk and sleeping. Now he talks(his own language ^o^),eats by himself and walks! It's increadible how fast the baby grows.
Talking about the languages, we are now mixed of 3 different languages. I am speaking to Ryuki in Japanese,my husband Stefano is speaking in Italian and then my mother in law Judy is speaking in English! we have no idea how this is going to work out but Ryuki seems to understanding all for now. I can't wait till he starts speaking!

This is it for now. we all are sooooo full from the new year lunch at grand parents house. Ryuk just fell asleep watching "baby einstein". Now I will take a nap before he wakes up!

X'mas 2006 in the Piazza della Reppubblica (Florence)
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trip to Japan
I haven't written anything for a long time ( I feel like making an excuse all the time ^_^;)
because we were in Japan from April 15 to May 31! Yes, Ryuki made his first trip to Japan! He was wonderful in the ariplane. I guess the engine sound and vibration made him calm all the time.He was sleeping almost all the way.

We stayed in Kobe for 1.5month. Japanese granpa,granma and ant Chie were super happy to have Ryuki at their home. We visited many friends in Kobe. Everyone was very happy to meet our baby Ryuki.

We also went to Omiyamairi which is a very first celebration for newborn babies.We visit local shrine and pray for the baby's healthy and happy life. Usually 1month old baby will be taken to this event. Ryuki was a little bit late for that but we did the visit anyway. we were just excited to see ryuki in japanese kimono(only the cover and a little hat). He didn't know what was going on but we enjoyed so much!
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My gosh! I didn't write any blog in February... The time goes by sooo fast!

February was a carnival season in Italy. We can enjoy special sweets such as FRITTELLE and CENCI during this period.
In my opinion,Frittelle are deep fried rice pudding balls and Cenci are thin rectangular doughnuts?! Anyway, they are sooo good!
Well, the more imortant event in this period are costumes and carnival festas! There are many kids with costumes running around everywhere in town.
Last weekend, there was a kids costume festa in Antella(it's a small town where we live). Stefano and I decided to bring Ryuki to the first carnival party. We transformed Ryuki into a little duck! He loved it soo much! and so do all people at the party. Ryuki won the prize for the best costume kid(well, he is still a baby!)!!! We all enjoyed Ryuki's first carnival.
oh, We must thank our friend Ron and Sandy from Seattle who have sent us the great duck outfits for Ryuki!
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After 2months, Ryuki has grown so much. It's also getting more interesting! Now he smiles and makes funny sound all the time. When I talk to him, he smiles! Here is his picture!
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Happy New Year!

The time goes by ultra fast! Now Ryuki is already 2 moths old. This morning we went to the pediatrician for second month visit. Everything is fine and the doctor told us that his size is about 4months old baby size! No wonder he is so heavy!!! When he was born, he was sooooo tiny but now he grew so fast and is now big! hahaha

anyway, we are happy that he is happy and healthy! Today I came to work after 2 months of break. I came to office with RYUKI and he's been so great and patient.
from now on, I will come in the office once a week. I don't know how much Ryuki would like this but we'll see!

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I can't believe how fast the time goes by! Since we have Ryuki, I never sit down infront of my mac.... Today, I have a chance to come to Florence center without my baby so I came by to internet cafe! I would like to put some more pic of our Ryuki.

He is now more than 6 weeks. He is growing so fast. He has almost double weight! His face is soo round( like his mon!) He is happy during the day. He makes funny noises and loves to go out all the time. In fact we take him out everyday even it's rainy and cold( this is crazy...)

Well, chiristmas is coming soon.Of course, this is going to be a very special one for all of us. We are very excited!

We wish you a very merry chiristmas

and a happy new year 2006!( in case if I don't write any blog!)
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Ryuki Fontanelli has arrived in this world on 7th Nove 2005 at am 1:48! 2900g
He is very healthy and happy boy! we are so proud of him!

I must say that the labour was really long and stressful. The contraction had started on 4th and he was born on 7th! so Stefano and I were super tired after all but we are super happy to have him home with us!

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Well, everybody must be wondering what happened to Machi and Stefano. Sorry for a long silence.
Our baby still doesn't wanna come out! He must be really confortable in my belly.
2days ago, I had a false labor. We were convinced that this is it! We went to the hospital at 1 AM and we were ready for everything! but it was a FALSE labor( that is what they called) it seems to be very similar to the realy labor feeling. He explained that it's still just a prepareation. So we went back home.I'm sure that this is very typical experience for the first labor!

Well, we were sooo excited to see out baby that night... too bad! Anyway the doctor says that the date is arriving really soon!!!

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Thank you so much for the comments! We feel so much closer to all of you!

I'm doing fine but the belly is getting really big and as I have mentioned in the last blog, I can't stop thinking about eating! Especially sweets. In fact I am putting more kgs. How can I controll???? Instead of eating, I am trying to walk as much as I can,though....

Well, did we mentioned about the baby's name? I guess not because we still haven't decided yet! This is crazy. We are having such a hard time! We want the simple name and can be pronounced in any languages. Yes, it's difficult! Poor baby! We are still calling him "AKA-CHAN"(it means baby in japanese). I think we have to just call him something when we see him. We are just hoping he won't come out before 7th Nov! We still need more time to think about his name! teee hee (^o^)

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I can't believe that we are already in October! Of course I never touch this blog for a long time as I already predicted! I have been very busy with work in September. I am still working but now things are calmer than before. I will be working till in the mid.October. As long as I feel fine, I would like to work and move around.( I feel much better when I am with people!)

Anyway, here I am! The baby's due is November 1st but 2weeks ago when we went to the hospital for the ultra sound exam, they told us that maybe November 7th will be the accurate date. Well, as long as everything is ok, I am ok with anything.
I have been eating soo much lately. I just feel hungry all the time. Especially DOLCE(sweets!). It seems to be crazy but I can't really control myself. Fortunately, I don't have any problem with diabetes so I can eat anything but I shouldn't exaggerate.

Here is our picture! My belly is getting bigger! I have gained 9kg so far.
Machi&Stefano September18 2005
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